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Vintage Mexican Cake Raffle


Bombers Bev Co.
108 Grace St 28401 Wilmington United States
Missed out on Mexican Cake this year? No worries we are raffleing off the chance to purchase bottles from LAST YEAR! You know whats better that Mexican Cake .....2015 Mexican Cake.

How does the raffle work?
Stop by the shop from 7pm to 9pm to grab some raffle tickets for your chance to purchase this cellared beauty. We will be giving away tickets periodically during this time frame. The earlier you come the more chances you will have to win. As always we will be pouring some of the finest craft beer the eyes ever have beholden.

What is this cellared beer you speak of?
We hide beers in the dark. Many beers benefit from aging. So when a style of beer that benefits from ageing rolls through the shop we snag a few and put them in the Honey Hole. Honey Hole?! What is that? It's the name of our cellar. Our cellar items are availible to our customer rewards members. It's free to join!

See you Friday for your chance to at some Vintage CakE Cake Cake CAKE!